GIOMC 03: Kids’ Clubs and Outspoken Parents

A couple of days ago, my attention was drawn to a shared article on Facebook by a guy I went to school with. The article in question, which can be accessed¬†here,¬†claims a mother holds intentions of suing travel giants Thomas Cook, after her daughter was allegedly 'abducted' from their Turkish hotel's Kids Club. A brief … Continue reading GIOMC 03: Kids’ Clubs and Outspoken Parents

6 Mum Must-Haves

Hey everyone! I've pinpointed 6 of the products I use everyday without fail and realised how beneficial they are within the context of motherhood, whether due to time constraints, a quick pick me up, or as we're in the throes of potty-training, absolute hygienic convenience! I'll start with my newly-kindled love affair with Zoflora: I'd … Continue reading 6 Mum Must-Haves

Just a card: from the consumer

Dear Small Businesses, From following many suavely branded 'Insta shops', Just a Card Week has sprung up across my feed, with many of you introducing your lovely selves, revealing the behind the scenes of your hustle and offering amazing discounts spanning the diversity and genius of your trades. You think huh, genius, I'm just a … Continue reading Just a card: from the consumer