Claire Woods

A twenty-something Brummie, residing in a town renowned for its toothless/ pregnant/ alcoholic/ sock and sandal wearing/ obese/ shouty residents. Only three of those have ever applied to myself, not simultaneously. Currently trying not to be obese. Forever shouty.

My working life has been spent serving the general public. I’ve poured many a pint, conned them out of thousands (sold holidays) and completed a stint of back-breaking at ASDA. No really, I’m in constant pain.

I discovered my love for language and literature at A Level. One tutor said she expected to read something with my name written on it. Let’s hope it’s not this. I missed out on studying English at uni the first time round, as I decided to pursue a life of travel and tourism instead. I didn’t get very far with that, but my time at college was probably the best time of my life, and is when I started a job at a hotel. There, I met my baby daddy. So I firmly believe everything happens for a reason.

I began studying with The Open University in 2013 – BA Hons English Language and Literature. I can’t sing this institution’s praises enough. I am expecting to graduate with a 2:1 in 2019. Not too shabby, considering a few private rental house moves, job changes, and a sprog along the way. I’d be expecting a First, if it wasn’t for the copious amount of rum I’ve gotten through over the years. Call it a work-life balance – sounds better than alcoholism.

My current and final module is Advanced Creative Writing. It’s inspired me to branch out, offer my linguistic genius to anyone and everyone who’ll take it, and to definitely not write in third-person if I want to score above 80%.

That’s all I have for you, as my arm’s spasming a bit. Probably the nerve damage. I’d have sued but I did my ‘how to lift safely’ training.