The Girl With No Name

I have an idea for a character.

She could be the next big thing, so hear her story out: she’d love for someone to finally do that.

All siblings compete, especially if they’re close in age. That’s what she thought was the norm, anyway. But the years kept creeping by, and she was closer to thirty than ever before. Why, then, did she consistently get put on the back-burner by the rest of her family?

Her brother had always been the stupid, selfish, misbehaving, rude, self-entitled, gobby, impatient, self-destructive, his-way-or-the-highway child. This attitude saw him through to adulthood, and the rest of the family were still buckling to his every need, whilst she was the second thought. She, however, didn’t bow down to her brother. Which made her some sort of alien. She barely spoke to him. She couldn’t care less for him, because he couldn’t care less for anyone else. He knew what he was doing – hell, they knew what he was doing – but no one else seemed to want anything to change.

Why, then, was he the first port of call to trust with money? With life admin? She’d fled the nest to live in the real world five years ago, and he still lived at home. She’d found a long-term relationship and gave birth to a child, whilst he’d stuck with the same low-paid job for years upon years. She’d put her head down, completed a degree and planned a future, whilst he still hung around with losers and lived in a fairy tale of teenage girls and MILFs.

She developed resilience and a back bone, yet still, wasn’t to be trusted.

She had worked hard for everything she had, yet still, wasn’t to be trusted.

She’d formed a relationship with her best friend, making solid plans and travelling the world together with their child, yet still, wasn’t to be trusted with her future intentions.

Funny … how … she … couldn’t … trust … anyone … else … right? So funny. But still: not their problem.

Shrugged off. Put down. Umming and Ahhing. Not really taken seriously, unless it affected their own lives. Standing up for herself, her little family and beliefs, and called a b*tch with an attitude problem when doing so.

Yet he can say anything, and it’s ignored. He can treat old ladies like crap, but it’s okay.

He’s had a hard life.

His real father didn’t stick around. At request of the family, no less.

She’s had two parents: odd, in this day and age.

She’s been the gifted one. Didn’t have to try hard at school.

But she’s the one who has to suffer, now.

I don’t have a plot for her yet and I don’t have a name. But I want her to have a hell of a life.

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