January nineteen empties

For some reason, we all love to see what people have been washing their hair with, and in my case, what they’ve been wiping their fannies with. No, that’s not a joke. (How’s that for a hook? Read on to see what I’ve been wiping my vulva with.) Yes, this is the first of the year’s empties and darn it, I’m sticking to it every month!

Montagne Jennesse Passion Peel-Off: This is the only mask I’ve used this month and the reason I reached for it over the others is simply because it’s mess-free. I feel like the masks you have to wash off are so last decade now, and that anything peel-off or sheet-like is so much more convenient. I chose to mask because at one point, I was almost ripping my skin off in annoyance. It was itchy, spotty, oily, dry, and borderline painful. This mask calmed it down, smoothed over the angry bits at least for the evening, and generally gave me a better outlook on my life in that moment. The scent is okay and it’s cheap and easy to use. 10/10 would purchase again for the convenience and effects.

Dandrazol shampoo: As far as I’m aware, this isn’t something you can go out and buy, as it was on prescription, however I wanted to include it as it’s linked to my skin issues. I have horrific dandruff which this stuff keeps at bay, as opposed to eradicating. I used to use Head and Shoulders constantly, however that even stopped working (and we all know that stuff just masks over the issue rather than solving it, anyway). This shampoo stinks, leaves my hair feeling too clean, to the point I’m scared of it breaking off, and is generally a pain in the arse. But it’s the only thing that seems to half-work for me. Yes, a free dermatologist would be grand if you know of one?

Karine Jackson X Beauty Kitchen: The Cleanser Repair and Protect shampoo: On the contrary, this shampoo was a joy to use. With the dandrazol, you can use ‘normal’ shampoos between washes, and this is one I finished in January. Though it doesn’t lather like a traditional shampoo, the scent was fantastic and left my hair sleek and clean for a long time. Its formula claims to protect against pollution and repair your hair’s structure, which explains why my hair felt so pleasant afterwards. 9/10 would continue reusing. I’d just have to get used to the lather situation.

Garnier Ultimate Blends conditioner in coconut water and aloe vera: I really enjoyed this conditioner. The scent was fresh and beautiful (who doesn’t love coconut, really?) and the lack of silicone was just as refreshingly positive. Normally conditioners leave my hair with static no matter what or how I use them, however when air-dried, my hair was unusually sleek, lacking the need to straighten it. Combined with the Karine Jackson shampoo, it was a killer combo. 10/10 would repurchase and use for forever.

What’s in it for me? Body cleanser: This cleanser foamed amazingly and the grapefruit scent was super refreshing. A little seemed to go a long way with this product! Definitely worth the price tag in that sense, then. It smelt great upon cleansing but this didn’t seem to last very long afterwards – which isn’t surprising in itself as I haven’t had many cleansers or washes that have actually managed to do that. Maybe it’s my skin, then. I’d have thought the aloe vera and witch hazel would have had a better effect on my skin, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case. A pleasant enough cleanser, in any case. Probably wouldn’t repurchase as there was nothing particularly remarkable, which is unfortunate! I have their scrub and it’s a completely different story.

Femfresh freshening and soothing wipes: These exceeded my expectations, honestly. I used them in conjunction with the wash – so once or twice a day to freshen up – and they left me smelling, erm, neutral, despite smelling super nice upon use. The wipes themselves are a good size, but unfortunately can’t flush down the loo and have to be binned. I always appreciate when companies make an attempt at sustainability, so that’s something to think about. I’d also love for the buyable packets to include up to 30 to last the month rather than 25. But alas that is marketing for you. I would definitely repurchase because if I’m honest, I prefer freshening up with something that is safe for the pH levels of my downstairs area, rather than a baby wipe. Don’t be shy, it’s just a vulva. And we all do it.

That concludes the empties for January Nineteen. Well done if you got to the end, and I hope to see you in my next blog. Stay happy and freshen up your vulvas!

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