August Eighteen Empties

Hello blog! I’ve abandoned you somewhat throughout the summer but I’m back and excited to share with you everything I used up throughout the month of August.

I’ll be splitting this into categories as I usually do, though my empties for August are fairly face mask heavy! That may or may not be down to the fact I did another Fragrance Direct order which featured a considerable amount of masks. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! There’s no better time, then, to start off the first category: Sheet Masks


To be truthful, before trying these I was a sheet mask virgin! The Happy Jackson ‘This is my yay face!’ mask smelt quite funky on first impressions, which inspired me to Google the ingredients of this mask. It contains a lot of gums and preservatives to firstly encourage moisture into the top layer of the skin, to then ensure the moisture remains locked in, and of course to preserve the freshness of the mask itself. I didn’t expect (as my first ever sheet mask) for the ‘formula’ to feel so… gooey? But overall the mask certainly brightened my face and moisturised my skin without causing any abnormal breakouts. I was happy with it, and would have repurchased, had I not then read that the mask itself was manufactured in China. This of course means Happy Jackson test on animals. 😦

Ever my favourite mask brand, I then tried the Anatomicals ‘off with their (black and white) head’ botanical purifying tea tree sheet mask. In comparison to the first, I was super happy with this mask. The scent was clean and refreshing and one look at the ingredients demonstrated a high amount of goodness (I.e. tea tree extracts) overriding any unheard-of stuff. The sheet mask was thinner but I felt this contributed to the fresh sensation upon the skin. I could have sat in this all night! Upon removal, my skin felt smooth, not oily in the slightest but quite moisturised. Would repurchase!

Next were masks in the ‘other‘ category.


As mentioned on my Instagram, I found a bargain with this Montagne Jennesse 7th Heaven Passion Peel Off at just 50p! The scent was nothing remarkable but the mask felt good on my face. I didn’t expect this to do its job of removing oils but it actually did! (I’m sceptical about everythang.) My skin was reaaally smooth after, but I did get a few little breakouts the next day. I would put that down to a facial effect and not because my skin was irritated as such. I still have another to use up, however I would repurchase this one!

Finally on the mask front, I used the Ooh Arr Dead Sea Cooler Deep Cleansing face mask. Similarly to the previous mask, this left my skin feeling divine and I really enjoyed the washing-off of this one because of the natural exfoliants within it. 10/10 would repurchase as it was a hands-down favourite for August.

So to the next category: hair!


Is it classed as stealing if you were given something to use on a cruise ship? Either way I’m glad I tried this! This is the jasmine and rose hair conditioner from The White Company. It did everything it was meant to with my hair, also leaving it highly perfumed for days! Basically counting down the days until my next cruise with P&O when I can use this again… only 267 days. I really wish you could purchase this stuff as I definitely would! I’ve moved on to the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures conditioner which smells equally as fantastic.

Next we have the bog-standard body washes. But one not so bog-standard.


Lynx Attract for Her. You’ve heard me crack on about this before. Probably a Christmas present, it’s generally ok: smells fine but not long-lasting but does the job at cleaning. Boy, am I glad it’s gone! Secondly, the FCUK polished moisturising body wash. This, on the other hand, made washing my bits and bobs a pleasure! The scent was beautiful, very long-lasting and literally gave my skin a polished feeling. Unfortunately I can’t repurchase as I believe it’s been discontinued, however there are a few sellers on eBay with this available if you fancy it! I’ve moved on to another ‘steal’ from Disneyland Paris. Ahem.

Our penultimate category is body lotion, hurrah! Another one bites the dust. I literally have so many presents to get through. Please guys, no more lotions. Or Lynx.


The Nivea Express Hydration lotion for normal skin. I used this during my pregnancy with N on my belly, religiously, and due to the cream or other factors, I got no stretch marks. Not one. As a moisturiser, this is nice and does the job. A little thick for my liking but we know I prefer moisturisers akin to water, ha! I probably would repurchase this one if my fave Beauty Kitchen wasn’t available. I’m now attempting to make a dent in my almond moisturiser!

Last but definitely by no means least, is the skin category.


My final empty was the ever reliable Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This has been a lifesaver in the last few weeks, due to my skin’s absolute irritation towards any face wash that touches it. For this reason also, I’ve been sort of subconsciously avoiding make-up. Annoying. This cleanser, though, has really lived up to the hype for me. Although my skin continues to give me havoc, micellar water keeps it at bay as much as it can. I think I’d be lost without my little routine of cleansing twice with this, then toning and masking/moisturising. Rather than the original, I’ve repurchased this in the green bottled formula specifically for combination and sensitive skin. So far, so good!

So guys, gals and anyone in between, that rounds up my empties for August Eighteen (poet). I hope you enjoyed my little comeback – I really didn’t mean to leave it a whole month to write another blog! Now N is in nursery, I’ll try to bash out some content at least once a week. Head over to my Instagram @leahalexanderlife to see more beauty bits, and also to my body account @leahalexanderbody as I’m currently on a lifestyle re-vamp – I’ve already lost half a stone!

Until next time…

LA x

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