Anatomicals: the safe teeth whitening edition

When my first few adult teeth came in, my mom queried with our dentist why my adult teeth were growing in so discoloured in comparison to my milk teeth. Add to that 6 years of daily penicillin, about 12 years of smoking and a good few years of heavy coffee drinking (I’m still on the coffee) and I would never smile a toothy smile in photos and communicate with people endeavouring to hide my teeth.

Until now.

I’ve been using Anatomicals’ ‘and ain’t that the tooth’ whitening toothpaste along with the binchotan charcoal toothbrush.


The toothpaste combines baking soda in its plaque fighting formation to help remove stains and the prevention of cavities. There’s a gentle spearmint taste which isn’t overbearing like some products and a fabulous foaming which cleans the whole mouth in the process. Afterwards, you’re left with a long-lasting freshness and visibly improved teeth.


The confidently termed ‘better brush’ features medium-soft bristles; each bristle has been blended with binchotan charcoal, which deodorises, prevents bad breath and plaque and most importantly, prevents the build up of bacteria within the brush itself. Anatomicals offer a choice of colours (so great for kids too, who can also safely use it!) within these handy carry cases. They’re perfect storage to throw in a suitcase, to take on a weekend away or to festivals!


After years of purchase after purchase of whitening toothpaste, including a horrific Blanx product that stripped away at my enamel and just caused me pain, I’m over the moon to have found a safe, natural combination of products that actually works!

Anatomicals are a cruelty free, honest, affordable and quirky brand I simply can’t get enough of. Check out their dental products, as well as face masks, lotions and scrubs, at Boots, Topshop, ASOS and Fragrance Direct. Tempted?

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