6 Mum Must-Haves

Hey everyone! I’ve pinpointed 6 of the products I use everyday without fail and realised how beneficial they are within the context of motherhood, whether due to time constraints, a quick pick me up, or as we’re in the throes of potty-training, absolute hygienic convenience! I’ll start with my newly-kindled love affair with Zoflora:

I’d seen this featured a lot on Easho (which I am dying to do a massive shop on), and so when my son started to aim askew from his potty on purpose, carpet a-stinking, I decided to give this a go. (This and copious amounts of Shake n Vac.) I haven’t looked back! I didn’t realise how cheap this actually works out in comparison to buying spray bottle after spray bottle. We’re cutting down on our plastic waste by reusing an old bottle, as well as disinfecting and freshening up the wee-abused carpet. Not forgetting I use it on pretty much every other surface as the smell is divine. My number 1 mummy must-have at the moment!

Number 2 is no doubt unsurprisingly Micellar Water.

It’s quick, it’s effective and it works on my skin. I’ll either use it as part of a cleanse routine, or if I’m super rushed, whack a baby wipe over and finish off with a micellar rub. How mums get on without this, I don’t know. Am I the only one who considers influencers’ 10 step face cleanses completely unrealistic?

When I do have a spare 20 minutes, you all know my favoured version of a pamper is a face mask. From my most recent Fragrance Direct shop, I picked up a few Ooh Arr masks, of course attracted by the packaging! I’ve tried the ‘Rosie Glow’ deep cleansing mask after a nightmare couple of weeks with oil and spots. The scent is super floral and left my skin feeling smooth and normal for a while. If you’re following me on Instagram (@leahalexanderlife), you’ll know I also lust over my nails. Again from Fragrance Direct, the L’Oreal Fast Dry Top coat is 100% recommended for all mummies who don’t like/have zero time for nail appointments, but still want a quick fix. Simply use your nail polish of choice, wait until mostly dry, pop this top coat on and you’re good to go after 10 minutes. It’s honestly my Holy Grail nail product and already a repurchase after finishing my first bottle. Oh not forgetting the affordability of it!

Before having my little boy, dry skin was unheard of for me. Now, however, I have dry patches popping up on my arms, legs and face. Mare. Moisturisers are my daily go-to for freshness as well as that little bit of self-love. I’ve been using the Beauty Kitchen Inspire Me hand and body lotion which has a lovely citrussy scent and is fast absorbing. Finally, for my tired eyes, I reach for the Simple Revitalising eye roll-on; it makes me feel human and really brightens my under eye area.

I hope the mums out there are reminded that they’re deserving of some feel-good, convenient and affordable products for their everyday! If you have any suggestions that will make our lives even easier, do let me know in the comments. I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend.


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