Realistic April Empties

It’s been an absolute corker for empties throughout April! It can’t just be me that feels this year is speeding by and with it, so are the products sitting on my shelves and in my cupboards. I’ve attempted to utilise the small bits I had from Christmas, Disneyland and the like. I find all too often I’m purchasing shower gels etc because they’re on offer, when really, I have a stash from the Sequoia Lodge bathroom or giftsets from birthdays long gone.

So without further ado, let’s run through the bottles and packets I’ve been excitedly hoarding in my bedside drawer. I’ll give them all a quick rating and what I’ll be replacing them with. It’s a long one so grab a drink. It’s also a realistic one; by that I mean I can’t afford high end products because I’m a poor momma.


For beauty, I’ve first gone through a mini packet of Simple cotton rounds. The reason I’ve included these is because I then moved on to a cheap bag from Superdrug which in comparison is horrendous! The Simple rounds can take a battering and when it comes to nail polish remover, they didn’t rip apart compared to the ones I’m currently using. Would definitely purchase again!

Then we’ve got an On the Go Garnier Micellar Water. No complaints, I’ve moved onto the largest bottle. I think if I was to use this twice a day religiously it would help my acne. Whether I remember to is another story.

So, Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I tried to persist, I really did. The amount of powder I have to use along with this is diabolical; towards the end the pump broke off and even with a load of powder, heaps of oil shine through. There’s waking me up then there’s making me look greasy. I’ve moved away from Rimmel foundations completely and on to Maybelline.

The Rimmel Clear Complexion powder was great for giving a glow and forming a barrier against oils. The formula, however, is an issue. This was the second pan I purchased for the same reason as in the above photo: it cracks and breaks. I tried and tried to persist but the small bits kept getting stuck in my brush. I’ve moved on to the Stay Matte powder instead.

Carmex Moisture Plus. A gorgeous pink tint, super hydrating and keeps lips supple. A joy to apply as well. Not repurchasing just yet as I have a million and one balms to get through. Currently finishing off the Younique Bon Bon in Red Velvet Cake. I love products like these because it’s the payoff of a sheer lipstick without the drying element.

Maybelline Turbo Express mascara. I’m gonna be brave and say it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used. A firm favourite, I’ve repurchased and have gone on to use it currently. It lifts amazingly, beautifully buildable without the faff of clumping. People have genuinely asked if they’re lash extensions! Love.

Finally from this lot there are the Anatomicals face masks, a full review of which you can find here.


Above we’ve got more Anatomicals – sud the lot of you get lost grime body cleanser. These little packets are perfect for festivals, travelling and the like, if you don’t fancy taking bulky liquids or even travel sized shower gels. The scent is fantastically fruity and it foams like a dream. I’d purchase more but I don’t feel the need to; I’m onto my Christmas stash now!

Beyond the Stars perfume. Honestly I purchased this for five euro from a Spanish market. It’s a rip off of something or other. Or is the correct word Dupe these days? Pleasant enough but I doubt I’d find it again even if I wanted to. The scent lasted as long as the price suggests. I have about 30 perfumes to use, so I don’t really have one I’m ‘going to use next’, just tend to grab the nearest one!

Ghost Enchanted Bloom: I find it extremely easy to make empties of Ghost perfumes – they’re all so pleasant. I kept this one in my work bag, hence why I was able to use it up so quickly. As above, no particular perfume I’m moving on to. However my all time favourite Ghost thus far has to be a toss up between Sweetheart and Original.

Lynx Attract For Her bodyspray. What can I say. Christmas stash. I hate the stuff personally but the scent is O K A Y so I’m fine using it. If I have to.

So…? original body spray. Honestly they’re cheap and cheerful, I’m quite fond of the original scent. So Sexy is nice too if you can’t afford more expensive scents. They do perfumes also. As for replacements of body sprays it’s back to the Christmas stash. I think I’m on an Impulse of some sort at the moment.

Sanex dermo 7 in 1 protection roll on: now I’m quite particular about my deodorant and this one didn’t cut it for me. The scent was lovely, but after applying I found I was sweating after 30 minutes. Not a good look. I’ve moved on to a RightGuard deodorant which is great for the sweat but just smells of alcohol. Meh.

Carex Sensitive bath soak: oooh it smelled of Parma Violets! For about 3 baths, anyway, then the scent sort of wore off for me. Not majorly bubbly but pleasant enough. I always have to have bubbles in my bath, that’s the rule. I’m moving on to a Radox Muscle Soak now. They never do what they say for me, but, bubbles.

Highland Aromatics lotion and body wash: wow. Not sure the regular customer can buy this brand anymore – I think they’re only available in bulk for hoteliers. However I received them in a giftset a year or two ago and wish I’d used them earlier! The scents are delicious – not fruity but very feminine, fresh and a bit woody. The foam on the body wash was great, very cleansing. The lotion was fantastic! I’m not one for body lotions usually but I’m hooked after every bath and shower now. This stuff melted into my skin and the scent lingered for ages. Big fan! I’ve moved onto the Beauty Kitchen hand and body lotion which smells lovely and citrussy, but if I had a chance I’d definitely purchase both again!

Last but not least, do you spy Mickey ears? Here we have the h20 spa sea salt body wash, from none other than the Sequoia Lodge, Disneyland Paris. I expected big things from these products but I was disappointed. The scent is well, nothing really. Very subtle but I suppose if they’re potentially used on kids’ skin this is a good thing. Cleansed very well, nonetheless. My shower gel is now the Lynx Attract… you guessed it – Christmas stash.

That sums up my massive April Empties! I can now recycle everything, finally! I hope you liked this – it’s the first one of its kind (like most things on my baby blog). I doubt May’s will be half as huge. Let me know what you think of these products if you’ve used them yourself, or if you’re tempted to buy/avoid some. Hope you’re having a wonderful week in the world!


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