Anatomicals: an honest review

I completed a Fragrance Direct shop a few weeks ago, of which much of its contents can be found here in a previous blog. I’d never been a religious face masker before trying these masks, however the diversity of scents and overall results have me reaching for different masks to try on what I now dub #MaskMonday over on my Instagram (@leahalexanderlife). I’ve been patiently noting down my thoughts on five masks over the last five weeks and thought I’d share them with you all today.

As a reminder, and due to my annoying adult acne and combination skin, I went for ‘farewell the scarlet pimplehell: deep cleansing mask’, ‘no breakouts. it’s Alcatraz for spots: purifying charcoal face mask’, ‘grease isn’t the word. (tell me more, tell me more) mattifying face mask’, ‘I feel the need, the need for seaweed: calming algae face mask’, and ‘the hottie tottie is never spotty: anti-blemish face mask’.

Pretty self-explanatory then. They claim to do what they say on the… packet.

Before every mask, I removed any make up and cleansed with micellar water. Here are my thoughts.

‘farewell the scarlet pimplehell: deep cleansing mask’

Scent: fresh, pleasant and not too overpowering. I did feel lovely and revived after sitting with this on and I think the scent contributed to this massively.

Feeling on the face: I will say I was suffering with a cold so I was blowing my nose something rotten. Without thinking, I applied it to my nose area and it stung to the high heavens, so avoid if your skin is cracked or particularly sensitive! Overall, the mask felt quite tingly and refreshing.

Farewell the scarlet pimplehell: noticeable effects? No, unfortunately. In fact my skin was fairly oily and I had a couple of outbreaks for a couple of days after. I’ll put this down to a. Not feeling great anyway and b. The deep cleanse perhaps bringing oil and dirt to the surface? Definitely a product to use alongside an oil reducing wash or scrub if you want visible results.

Out of 10? I give it a 6.

‘no breakouts. it’s Alcatraz for spots: purifying charcoal face mask’

Scent: extremely fresh and clean! Really enjoyed this one – it was invigorating.

Feeling on the face: it didn’t irritate my skin at all, this time. It was very much a cooling sensation, but not at all unpleasant! Around the nose was still a little bit stingy despite being at the back end of my cold, but nothing I was worrying about. Overall really pleasant and as mentioned, invigorating!

No breakouts: noticeable effects? I mean. At this point I guess I don’t expect anything to ‘fix’ my skin. I did notice some oil in the proceeding days as well as a couple of spots. Not half as bad as the previous week though.

Out of 10? A generous 7.5.

‘grease isn’t the word. (tell me more, tell me more) mattifying face mask’

Scent: fresh and feminine, if that’s even a possible combination. I loveeeed the scent of this one. I probably kept it on a lot longer than I should have?

Feeling on the face: not irritating What. So. Ever. It felt quite calming: not sure what they put in this but it felt amazing on my face. My insta story described it as the ‘mask of kweenz’. Maybe I was having a fantastic day? Or maybe I lurved being mattified.

Is grease the word: noticeable effects? After the previous 2 masks I didn’t have a lot of hope. But, wow. Call it a good time of the month, call it the power of Hollywood, whatever you call it, it worked for me! My skin felt like my son’s bum minus any nappy rash directly after I removed it. The day after, there was no oil and my face looked the freshest it had done for a while. But not dry where I usually get dry. V. Impressed.

Out of 10? Bordering a 9.5; it did what it said it would. I just wish the effects were longer lasting.

‘I feel the need, the need for seaweed: calming algae face mask’

Scent: fresh but nothing to write home about. Great if you want something pleasant and not overpowering. I think I’d gotten used to my nostrils being invaded at this point.

Feeling on the face: it felt nice, a little cooling and no irritation at all. However. I’m not one of the posh beauty bloggers with a mask applicator so I use my fingers. After application the mask had slightly stained my fingers blue, but nothing some warm water and soap didn’t remove. I was just concerned my face would change colour like that Lush fiasco, remember that? It didn’t change colour though, so it’s cool.

Will you feel the need again: noticeable effects? This mask actually does what it says. It’s calming, it’s not claiming to zap zits or remove oil, so it’s fine. I didn’t have a lot of redness, which is great, and generally my skin felt soft. So actually, it’s ok if you don’t have major skin complaints and want something to chill out with.

Out of 10? A strong 8, just wasn’t what I was looking for. And the staining scared me.

‘the hottie tottie is never spotty: anti-blemish face mask’

Scent: W O W Z E R Z. So perfumed! Extremely floral and the scent stuck around for a few hours afterwards. I didn’t mind it, I quite like strong scents, but definitely not for those who are after something subtle.

Feeling on the face: it felt incredible. Hard to explain, but it felt like it was working. Definitely a positive experience from Anatomicals to finish on. Another invigorating sensation, and combined with the strong scent, I felt like a Kween again.

Was the hottie tottie spotty? Noticeable effects? I expected my skin to be irritated due to the perfume, however the mask gave me pretty much the same effects as the mattifying mask did. No oil and no breakouts, however as mentioned I have combination skin, so the bits that are usually dry were unfortunately a little flaky. Nothing a little moisturiser couldn’t sort though, and I was happy no have no breakouts!

Out of 10? A strong 9! A firm favourite but I don’t think I could use it every week due to the drying effects.

Hopefully you’ve gained a little insight into the Anatomicals face masks, which to avoid for which reasons, and hopefully some inspiration from my two favourites as shown above. The mattifying mask I would be happy to use every week and the anti-blemish mask would be fab for that awkward time of the month that I’m super oily and covered in acne. Remember everyone’s skin is unique. Overall it’s a great, affordable brand to test out. Here in the UK, they’re stocked in Boots, Superdrug, ASOS, as well as on Fragrance Direct as mentioned.

Have you tried them already? Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned to my instagram: I’ll be trying a new brand of mask this Monday!

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