Bourjois: the best kept secrets

Up until recently, the French cosmetics company Bourjois may have been to most just a fleeting glance whilst walking through Boots or Superdrug to get to the Rimmel or Maybelline stands. The recent popularity of their Healthy Glow foundations and concealers, as well as their Rouge Edition liquid lipsticks (because every company had to jump on that trend), has seen the name sneak into YouTube Beauty Guru’s videos and across the feeds of Instagram. Although not everyone is clued up on their products, I hope that this blog will give you guys more of an idea as to why Bourjois is up there in my Top 3 Favourite beauty brands.

I recently watched a YouTube video from Patricia Bright in which she used a Bourjois product and mentioned claims to the company’s cosmetics being produced in the same factory as their parent company, Chanel’s products: i.e. the idea is that we are getting Chanel quality for drugstore prices, due to similar manufacturing processes and ingredients. I had a dig on Google and discovered that Bourjois were indeed, in the past, owned by Chanel, up until 2014 when it changed hands to perfume giant Coty. Now Coty also own the likes of Stella McCartney fragrances, Gucci and Roberto Cavalli, as well as nail polish giants OPI and Sally Hansen. Whether the Bourjois products are still made in Chanel factories? I’m not sure. However Chanel still hold stakes in the company as well as 4.2% of Coty’s shares*, and current/past employees in the beauty industry suggest the claims are true. My opinion is that the first product I ever tried from Bourjois – the UNE Matte Lipstick, which will be mentioned below – is comparable, no – better, than a similar product from high-end MAC – Velvet Teddy. The difference is, I got my lipstick for a fraction of the price.

The UNE Casual Matt Colour Lipstick in M08 was, to date, my first and only re-purchase of a lipstick. Aside from being the perfect transition from day to night (thus reapplying all. the. time.), I don’t find the formula drying and the pigment stays strong throughout the constant coffee drinking and more importantly, eating, I do. I wore this lipstick to work as it wasn’t garish, I wore it out for drinks back when I was without child, I wore and constantly reapplied it when clubbing, I now wear it at home or to pop to Sainsbury’s when I just wanted to feel good about how I look! Back when I did my Fragrance Direct haul, I decided to try out another UNE product: the Sheer Lips Gloss in S09. It’s not too dissimilar a shade to the lipstick, so I thought it would be perfect! For a sheer lipgloss, the pigmentation is fantastic – if you don’t mind that, of course. And what a treat for the lips! UNE products claim to contain healthy minerals, which would explain why the lip products aren’t drying. The only snag is that the odd product is available on Fragrance Direct and the rest you have to hunt down. The rumour is that they discontinued the line in Boots stores here in the UK, but I had no problem finding my lipstick on Amazon, which is where many of the products are sold.

Aside from lip products, their eye shadows are a popular choice.

I’m not a massive eye shadow user, much to the contrary, however these lovely spring shades appealed to me and begged to be purchased! These are the Intense Extrait (aka Little Round Pots) in 01 and 03. As you can just about see above, the gold shade 01 can definitely be doubled up as a highlighter. More shimmer than pigment, I feel, but a good find for myself as I am definitely not trained in the cut-crease-halo-smokey-dark eye department.

Last, but by far not least, are my favourite products: nail polishes.

I resent the idea of going to get my nails done. I resent the idea of sitting there having my nails chipped at – which I can do myself on my sofa with a cheap nail file. I also resent the idea of having to go and get them filled, or removed, or have gel or acrylic applied. I’m quite happy changing my nail colour every week with polishes I can purchase for no more than £2 at a time. I worked in customer service for a long time, which meant I couldn’t go for the outrageous lime or canary yellow shades as above. Now I’m out of work, I’m loving it. I’ve previously used the 1 Seconde Gel polishes and they are divine. I know a lot of brands play around with the brushes in their polishes and Bourjois are no different.


My current shade, as shown above is the beautiful khaki Bourjois 10 days with pro-silicium in shade 32. The brush on this is actually fairly small, but super angled, meaning application is a breeze. I’m very excited to test out the La Laque Gel, which is currently on sale in Boots. Gel nails (well not technically, but almost) in the comfort of my own home! Although it’s a boring nude shade, it’s a beautiful boring nude shade, and I’m okay with that.

Let me know if this small Bourjois collection has inspired you to look into the brand. I’m off to search the shelves of Amazon to see if I can get an UNE foundation in my shade!


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