Fragrance Direct: my ongoing addiction

Hello lovelies, I hope you’re all well and having a fabulous Friday. Today I want to talk to you about a website I have known and loved since I was a teenager – safe to say well over a decade… and a bit more. Less of that! 😉

As with MandM Direct – see previous post here – it was a site I discovered by accident. I was in sixth form, and I loved painting my nails. By chance, I stumbled across this seller which had Essie nail polishes for £2, salon OPI polishes for £2.49 and etc. etc. etc. Too good to be true again? NOPE! I ended up spending loads of my Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA – remember that?! sorry kids, you don’t get that anymore!) on a massive box of stuff. So just lately, I thought I’d have a gander and see what was on offer. After one-too-many rum and cokes, I had lots of stuff in my basket!! Here is my haul and just a small example of what’s on offer:


The bright canary yellow ORLY polish cost a mere 99p! When I saw they were selling the Bourjois Rouge Souffle de Velvet, and after all their hype, I just had to pick one up. At the time they were retailing at £2.49 – what a bargain! I picked up lots more Bourjois products, and Fragrance Direct is the website which introduced me to the fantastic range ‘UNE’, which uses healthy minerals, as well as providing me with my all-time favourite lipstick and the only lipstick I’ve ever repurchased. More on Bourjois in a later blog! As well as eye products, nail products and lip products, I also picked up some Anatomicals face masks:


If you don’t know already, I suffer with adult acne and infuriating combination skin, so I thought I’d spend a fiver on some masks I’ve never tried before. Again, they’ll be subject to review in a later blog. I will say I’ve already tried the ‘farewell the scarlet pimplehell: deep cleansing mud mask’ and I was happy with the results. You get a lot of product in these little 99p pouches, and my face was pretty much oil free for a good 12-15 hours afterwards. Trust me, that rarely happens! If face masks are your thing, Fragrance Direct have a fantastic range with loads of different brands at affordable prices. They also sell pot masks if these pouches aren’t enough for you.

The website also offer essentials in skincare and hygiene – so, face washes, creams, oral health, as well as an extensive range of hand products. I was low on hand wash, so I thought I’d pick some up while I was browsing:


Possibility are a lesser known brand, but their scents are beautiful. This massive bottle, including the Raspberry Pavlova recipe, cost £1.99 and is definitely a re-purchase for me. Next time I’ll try a different scent! I love little brands like this: be sure to check out their instagram – possibility_ldn. Also on my to-buy list was roll-on deodorant and hair conditioner!


I grabbed these for £1.50 and £1.49 respectively. The Dove price I was especially happy with as I love their conditioners and how soft they leave my (very long) hair.

I recommend you spending a good amount of time on the Fragrance Direct website. Just from scrolling across their menu options, we have Fragrance – which is what they’re renowned for – Mens, Make Up, Skin Care, Sun & Tan, Bath & Body, Hair, Healthy Living, Electricals and Gifts. On a £50 order, I managed to get it down to £40 due to their various offers – for example a lot of the nail polishes are 5 for 4 – as well as them accepting my UNiDAYS discount! So students do not want to miss out either.

Communication is perfect – I knew on which day my parcel would be delivered and when it was dispatched from their warehouse. Personally, mine was delivered by Royal Mail, however if you put through massive orders I would expect them to use courier services, though I have no experience of that. Free Delivery is generally given when you spend £20, and their discount code is usually FREEDEL20, so don’t forget to pop that in when you check out.

All that’s left for me to say is happy shopping. Coming from an extremely loyal and lifelong customer, I’m sure you will all snap up some bargains!

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