MandM Direct: Brands at a Steal

I came across this website through word of mouth – my mom, to be specific. She seems to influence a lot of my shopping habits. This happens all too regularly.

“I’ve only ordered a couple of things, just some thermals and a new pair of boots for your dad. It’s alright though, have a look.”

At the time I was sceptical. I mean I was still holding down a job (more on that another time), so income wasn’t an issue. But I’d never heard of the website, and even to this day after spotting a few adverts on Facebook – thanks Cookies – my friends, ex-colleagues and extended family still haven’t heard of it.

“There might be some stuff you like, I think I saw some Converse trainers.”

Well mom, if that ain’t encouragement in the form of plain fabric, but extremely comfortable, American sporting sneakers, I don’t know what is. So I had a look.


The first thing that went flying into my basket was a pair of Converse Leather Trainers in Optical White. I’d been after a pair of low white Converse for years, literally years, and the reason for this was because I wasn’t prepared to spend £50+ on a pair I’d ultimately get filthy. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit I’m cheap!
This pair? £34.99. They’re leather… meaning they’ll wipe clean. Plus, according to the website, I saved £20 on RRP.

Further to being cheap, I also (used to) refuse to dress my two year old boy in brand names. They grow out of them at lightening speed, they get dirt and sick all over them, they’re not meant to look like grown-ups,  there are plenty of other clothing options that are more suitable for them and more importantly, cheaper. Yada yada. However. I couldn’t just buy a load of stuff for myself and not get anything for my child, could I? That #momguilt, right?

Firetrap for my kid? Huge fan. Converse for my kid? Absolutely. Dudeskin trousers? Incredible to get him through winter and £20 RRP saving. Then MandM Direct started stocking Doc Martens and I lost my proverbial shi*.


I fell in love with these as soon as they popped up on Facebook ads. Luckily for me, so did hubby, and decided to treat little one to them. According to my account, the cost of £24.99 meant I saved a further £20 on RRP. On the same order, I purchased a couple of sticker books for him, as well as body mist for myself (£3.99 – £6 saving), and a tracksuit and pair of Adidas trainers for hubby (£34.99 – £45 saving). They really do stock a variation of products, meaning a very time-consuming but satisfying shop. Not so satisfying on the bank, but it’s all stuff we need. Like…

Brave Soul donut socks – £2.49 for 3 pairs, saving £7.50.

As mentioned above, the beautifully addictive body mist:

Brave Soul Pyjamas, highlighting (read: mocking) my apparent Bikini Body. RRP £19.99, I paid £5.99.

All essentials. I always treat myself to some Jacqueline de Yong products, too. The quality of the tops especially are outstanding – I love the tailoring, the texture of the materials, the simplistic designs, the list goes on. This is a brand I envisage becoming very popular. MandM direct feature loads of products, though unfortunately you have to be fast to snap up your size. I’m what you’d call a ‘popular’ size in the UK – a 12-14 – so it’s difficult to find the clothes I adore in this size. But if you do find your size, purchase it. They don’t tend to restock many items – more of a once it’s gone, it’s gone, method. Maybe why they stay so cheap. This top is one of my favourites and one I’m literally wearing as I type:


£5.99 – saving £6 on RRP. I’ve got my eye on the green version and I’m holding back until payday. That and a pair of Puma trainers and a pair of Levi jeans. Yes, another product I’ve been lusting after for years, and they’re available at a third of the regular price. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone else – my size is slowly selling out.

As an online store, as mentioned I was sceptical, however delivery for me on average takes within 3-4 working days – better than some Amazon Prime orders I’ve made! Our courier is Hermes; we’re pals with our Hermes delivery guy, so that side of things I have no concern about. Plenty of payment options, plenty of savings – according to my account, over 3 orders I’ve saved £630 on RRP. I know RRP can be touch and go, but combined with the diversity of products on the site, and the fact all my favourites are under one roof, so to speak, it’s a website I keep returning to!

Visit their site here!

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