My portfolio is here.

Hi, I’m Claire Woods.

You’ve no doubt come across my little space on the internet through my social feeds, or with the intention of viewing my writing. Whichever, enjoy perusing my little trinkets of English language, honesty and the occasional satire.

A little about me? Definitely the wrong side of 25 and starting to feel it. Multiple days of hangovers really are a thing, then.

I’m studying towards an MA in Creative Writing at the same time as trying to get published af. My BA was in English Language and Literature, during which time I procreated and worked terrible customer service jobs.

My writing covers general content pieces, short stories, and things that stress me out. Freelance and angry. But I’ll write anything. Try me.

You can email me at claireleahwrites@hotmail.com or alternatively give the Contact page a go.

Thanks for reading this far. Hope there’s something you enjoy here in my little space on the internet. Bye for now!