Hi – the warmest of welcomes to my website.

You’ve no doubt come across my little space on the internet through my social feeds, or with the intention of viewing my writing. Whichever, enjoy perusing my little trinkets of English language, honesty and the occasional satire.

Under the Blog Posts tab, you will find… well, blog posts. I have been blogging for a little over a year, reviewing all things beauty, sharing recipes and experiences of parenthood, and loads of stuff that doesn’t fit into those categories. I like to write whatever comes to my mind over in that section, so that it doesn’t disappear from my brain and into the atmosphere – no doubt getting destroyed somewhere between Birmingham, UK, and the big floating rock in the sky.

My Portfolio features pieces that are a little more refined. (I.e. Stuff that has taken more than five minutes to type up. Perhaps even as many as twenty.) I am experienced in short-story writing, and am also aiming to author-up a novel by the time I turn sixty, preferably. So that gives me… thirty-three years, give or take. I may be cutting it a bit fine, then.

Under About… Yeah, I’m sure you know what that will be for. I also have a Contact page, if you have any questions, or maybe even complaints. Y’never know.